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🚫 why 'fragrance free' matters..

because exposure to synthetic fragrance is extremely hazardous to our health

why go fragrance free?

according to a study done at UMass Dartmouth, up to 95% of synthetic chemicals used to make fragrance recipes are diverted from petrochemicals. The Environmental Working Group found 75% products tested with the ingredient ‘fragrance’ contained endocrine disruptors called phthalates.

these ingredients are known carcinogens & capable of causing:

hormone disruption

birth defects

fertility issues

nervous system disorders

allergic reactions




thankfully you have control over what you put on & into your body. the health of human beings, animals and our planet are directly depending on what we put in the air which is why Cannibabe promises to always remain fragrance free!! make the switch to healing the clean way & shop today


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