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our story


Cannibabe is a California-based, female owned CBD company dedicated to creating high quality products made with quality ingredients.


Cannibabe products are handmade, gelatin free and vegetarian grade for simple digestion.

Each product is carefully handmade by our official Cannibabe team.  Lots of love in each order!

Hemp is making a comeback of global proportion, many calling it the “miracle plant”. 

Pure CBD oil extraced straight from the natural source - the American hemp plant. All natural!

about the ceo/founder

megan lyman

I was born and raised in the northeast in the small town of Gilford, New Hampshire. I grew up easily spending most of my time outside in the dirt playing with the neighborhood kids. 


When I was 12 years old, my entire family was taken by surprise when I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular cancer in my right shoulder. During my three-year battle with this rare cancer, there were many moments when I questioned “why me?” or “how does this happen?” I didn’t understand my life’s purpose yet, but at a very young age my strength and resilience was tested and I knew nothing other but to hold on and push through. After a three year up battle and mentally over coming life’s biggest fear, death, I received some good news. At the age of sixteen, my tumor was pronounced as benign, I had the opportunity to move on with my life, cancer free. I made a promise to myself then that I would live my life to the fullest potential, never saying no to opportunities and that I had a true passion to help people who are suffering. 

As a young teenage girl with a new outlook on life, I began advocating for many nonprofit organizations that had supported my family through the years while I was ill.  Years later, I was crowned Miss New Hampshire 2012 which not only funded my college education but offered me an opportunity to share my platform and my passion to serve my community. The year as Miss NH also allowed me the opportunity to partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and spread advocacy about the amazing work they do for kids suffering with life threatening medical conditions. I was lucky enough to have my Wish granted when I was 16 years old.

After my years of pageantry, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Education from New England College. With future plans to be an elementary school teacher, I knew my heart searched for a way to help people on a larger scale, something I knew was going to be bigger than myself and was going to take years to completely figure out what my future had in store for myself. Post-graduation, I followed my heart to Tampa, Florida in search of my dreams and chasing the sunshine.  I spent years working hard for other people and being thrown into the ringer psychically, mentally and emotionally.


I found myself diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is in the Crohn’s Family - it’s a very nasty intestinal inflammation issue due to poor alkaline diet that is becoming more and more prevalent.  After being approached with many western medication routes to health, I quickly had flashbacks to my youth.  Spending so many years of my life on medications, in and out of Boston Children’s Hospital, years spent over medicated, I knew a western medication treatment plan was not an option for me.  After seeking a more holistic treatment option, I discovered the Florida Cannabis Coalition. I quickly joined the group to learn as much as possible, which being my journey of understanding the Cannabis plant.

My discoveries led me to a complete lifestyle change. In October 2017, I moved to the West Coast where I could legally pursue the holistic healing I knew my body needed. Three months after my move, I found a woman who had been treating patients using high doses of CBD and THC.  Two months of treating myself oral and with  suppository treatments, along with a strict diet and, my health had completely changed. My love for the plant grew that much more and I knew I had found my life’s calling. By that point, I had started working as the doctors’ personal assistant. I was quickly exposed to the truth behind a plant – opposite of the negative stigma cannabis has.  I was introduced to hundreds of other people like myself, using cannabis to heal. People who had failed attempts at their bodies excepting Western medicine and were looking for answer holistically. The knowledge I have learned is too good not to share.  It has been an amazing opportunity to educate so many people in California but my brain has always been working on a bigger plan. I created Cannibabe™ with the mission to teach and educate people about the cannabis plant.

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