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usa-made, ethically produced

plant-based, no fragrances, no fillers

owner-operated, small-batch made


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based on your personal responses, we'll be able to recommend the dose of capsules you'll most likely need.  If you're just starting out for the first time, we recommend starting with our Trial Size Jar, but still take the quiz to see what to look forward to.


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comes first

We know that there are thousands of CBD companies to choose from - and it can be overwhelming. We have not only taken the time to understand how the plant works in the body, we solely consider plant-based ingredients and products that only benefit your body.

We originated from a general need for clean CBD products for medicinal purposes, so when we couldn't find it, we created it.

There's truly no other CBD product line on the market like Cannibabe. With a focus on using minimal and simple ingredients that only benefit your health - leaving out the crap (xantham gum, polysorbates, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum jelly, BHA, BHT, & many more), we pride ourselves in creating products that are safe for any body.

Cannibabe is only in business because our customers come back, time and time again - because the products work. When it comes to helping others, honesty comes first. You can count on it.

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