Hi, I'm Lola! 

My mom is the founder of Cannibabe and she's been making vegan CBD products for humans for years, including me! I finally convinced her to let me launch an organic & vegan CBD line for furbabes. Learn more about my CBD journey here.


Made for All FurBabes

Cannibabe's 1000mg CBD tincture was made with your furry friends in mind. Safe for ingesting and topical use. Made to drop into pet food or directly onto pet's skin where relief is needed. 


How To Dose

The size of your pet determines our recommended daily dose of CBD. You also know your pet better than anyone else, so if you feel they need extra help, find your baby's personal dose. 


Pure & Simple Ingredients

A mix of CBD and coconut oil perfect for:

  • your pet's sore and achy muscles/joints

  • anxiety relief

  • irritated skin


about Lola

If you say my name and tell me I’m a good girl, I’ll give you my best smile and roll over for belly rubs! I wasn’t always like this, though. The first half of my life was pretty grim, having lived in and out of shelters and on the street before landing at what I thought was my final stop - a kill shelter in Tampa, Florida. This was it. I was an anxiety-ridden, middle aged dog that had aggression with other animals and other people. No one was going to adopt me.

My life changed on July 7th 2015 when my dog momma, Megan Lyman, came into the shelter and saw hope in me. I was 19lbs of skin and bone, shaking, showing my teeth, and not expecting an adoption, but Megan saw through me and the temporary issues that I had and chose me as her fur babe. It wasn’t easy. I was a hot mess and it would take a long time to become the friendly, 35lb ball of happiness and energy that I am today, but she’ll tell you that it was totally worth it. 


It took lots of training and CBD to become the dog that I am today. I was anxious, I had aggression, my fur coat was rough and spotted, I had never been in a car before, and I was over protective. I wouldn’t even eat my meals if my mom wasn’t in the room with me! My mom started dosing me with CBD in January of 2018, after many failed attempts to get me to calm down, among all of my other issues. CBD has given me results that exercise, proximity control, intensive training, and special diets couldn’t and didn’t. I’m now more calm. I love car rides and I’ll even get jealous if my mom leaves the house without me. I love belly rubs and ear scratches and playing in the yard. I now feel like a normal dog because of CBD and my life is more enjoyable now.


Thanks, mom. Ruv yoo.

xo, Lola